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Channel Your Social Media Addiction for a Successful Career

By: Philip Lilavois - CEO


Can't get enough of those online cat videos? Do you love it when a witty post of yours gets tons of “likes” and positive comments? Do you maybe spend a little too much time on the internet? Well, now may be the time to put that social media addiction to work building a successful career in real estate.

The Evolving Landscape of Real Estate

Technology has changed the face of many careers, including real estate. Today, many real estate prospects have done a lot of the legwork needed even before they contact an agent. That, in many respects, has made an agent's job easier. On the other hand, there are more online competitors than ever and many home buyers and sellers may feel they can do the job themselves. But real estate is not a “do it yourself” job and your social media addiction can prove very beneficial in spreading that word.

Funneling Real Estate Prospects to You Online

One of the keys of a successful real estate career is keeping a constant funnel of prospects coming to you. If you are proficient at social media and have a solid presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and/or Google+, you have a head start on many real estate veterans in the business who have had a slower start or who resist digital media. If you have hundreds of followers, you have a built-in audience. If you can produce good-looking online videos for YouTube, it gives you a competitive advantage. In other words, if you have ever doubted you could “sell” real estate, social media has helped make it a LOT easier. It's time to use it to build your career.

Using Social Media in Real Estate

Here are some quick social media tips:

  • Don't be shy about letting people know what you do.
  • Keep your posts consistent with your marketing persona.
  • Don't always “sell” on social media. Be personable.
  • If you share interesting articles involving real estate verify they are accurate.
  • Provide tips or data that demonstrates your capabilities.
  • Avoid politics and controversial issues.
  • Actively respond to comments.

Yes, your social media addiction can pay dividends...if you channel it properly. Social media can be a terrific way for newbies to jump-start their careers or for veterans to re-energize it. Proceed smartly and respect your followers. It could lead to more leads, prospects and sales!