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What Makes a Good Resume?

It could be argued that what makes a truly great resume is including anything that helps gets you the job. The reality is, it is  different for each stage of your career. For those just getting started, you'll likely want to include most of your job experience while keeping it relatively simple in a one page document. For those with massive experience of 25 years or more, up to three pages is acceptable. But what about the majority of us who have somewhere between 10 and 25 years of experience? What should you include and expect from your resume? What makes a good resume for an experienced real estate agent who is seeking better opportunities? Here are some things to consider.

  1. Your resume is not designed to get you a job. Before you stop reading, consider this. Your resume can no more get you a job than advertising can sell a property. The reality is, it can help you get an interview. That is the goal of a resume, simply to get to the next step and be sorted above other initial applicants.
  2. Keep it pertinent. An experienced resume should be no more than two pages unless you are applying for a senior position. Present only information that is relevant to the position you are applying for.
  3. It doesn't have to be chronological. Many of us were taught to present resumes in a life experience order. This can be a mistake after years in the industry. Attending Acme Tech 17 years ago is likely less important than the fact that you led your team in sales at your last or current position. Education may be more appropriate at the bottom of your resume. You will always want your contact info at the top.
  4. Tell your prospective employer what you expect. If you are seeking a certain position or want to work in commercial real estate, include that as part of your goals on your resume. It is fair to both you and your prospective employer that your goals are reasonably clear from the outset.
  5. Include an Achievement or Success Bullet List. Create a succinct bullet list of successes in your career. This demonstrates that you understand the importance of goals and have achieved achievements in the past.

Be direct, succinct, and honest. You are not demonstrating your writing skills, but your marketing, sales and/or management skills. Respect your prospective employer's time and give them reasons to interview you. That, after all, is the goal. Get that interview!