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Three Habits You Can Start Today to Improve Attitude & Sales

Need a boost in attitude and sales? Try establishing some new habits. Here are three pretty straightforward tips that can help.

  1. Don't just set sales goals. The actual sale composes a small part of the time you spend in your real estate career. This means, if you only feel good when you actually make a sale, your "feel good" time is limited.  Everyday you spend much more time on activities other than “closing” that lead to your success. You should track these activities. Set goals in how many new prospects you make each day, how many new people you meet, how many names you add to your email contact list. Celebrate achieving tasks. When you set other benchmarks to appreciate, you will feel better about your efforts and your results will improve!
  2. Celebrate closings by getting four new prospects. Sure, sipping some bubbly may be more fun, but if you replace every lost “prospect” you sold by replacing them with new prospects, you are destined for greatness. Nobody gives better referrals than a happy client who just closed on a house. Buy THEM the champagne and ask for some referrals.
  3. Track your “Personal Bests”. You may know the biggest sale you ever made or remember your biggest commission check, but do you know what day you made the most contacts or generated the most leads? Do you know your personal best for the number of properties shown in a week? Think of the activities that contribute to your overall success and keep your own “record book” of personal bests. Even in down periods, there are areas where you can still set meaningful personal records.

We know there is always at least some pressure to make the sale. In real estate, however, that sale is the culmination of other successful activities you perform along the way. Enjoy those activities, celebrate them, and track them. You just may find your attitude and your sales improving!