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The Power of Consistency in Your Real Estate Marketing

By: Laurent Minguez, President


There is tremendous power in consistency in marketing yourself or your brokerage. Consistency in advertising is like sharpening your axe prior to cutting wood. It helps you get a bigger bang for you buck and adds long-term value in some pretty amazing ways.

What Do We Mean by Consistency?

There are two areas of consistency that should be maximized to be as effective as possible.

  • Consistency in visibility. For your marketing to be truly effective, you must be visible consistently. Too many in real estate make a splash, and then disappear. No matter what marketing vehicle you favor (billboards, radio, cable television, online) try to maintain visibility in your chosen platform. 
  • Consistency in appearance and message. Decide on your message and stay with it. Get a professionally designed logo with company colors. Think about how the big boys do it. McDonalds has adjusted their message and look through the decades but the golden arches still mean McDonalds. Pepsi has moved with the times but their red, white and blue colors still wave. A simple swish on a pair of athletic shoes and you know they are Nike. You can do this on a smaller level by deciding who you are, how you want to be perceived, and by identifying your target market and message. When you send mixed message it hurts your brand.

Are your social media posts inline with your marketing goals? Do radio ads sound consistent with your print or billboard ads? Do your yard signs convey the proper image? They all should have a consistent "feel" to maximize your return. If you are a real estate broker, make sure agents keep any individual marketing consistent with your agency's goals and message. It will all serve to build and add value to your brand and ultimately, your bottom line.