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By: Philip Lilavois - CEO


One of the best ways to jumpstart a young real estate career is through a mentorship. Seeking the guidance of a mentor can pay off in valuable ways. It starts with choosing the right person to be your mentor.

Choosing the Right Mentor

The key to a successful mentorship is selecting the right person to serve as your mentor.

  • They should have plenty of real estate experience. The longer your mentor has been in the business, the more they have likely seen and done. This is experience you can benefit from.
  • Choose a mentor you respect. When you respect a person, you are much more likely to accept their opinion and guidance.
  • You should be in-sync ethically. If you and your mentor have differing ethical standards, it simply won't work. Ethics play a huge role in real estate and working with a mentor of similar values is extremely valuable.
  • They need to want to be your mentor. If you have to talk someone into being your mentor, it is probably not a good sign. You want a mentor who embraces the opportunity to work with you.
  • They need to be accessible. You will likely choose a mentor who is successful which means they are very busy. Not only must they be willing to help you, they need to have the time to mentor you.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Mentor

There are plenty of benefits to getting involved with the right mentor.

  • It can help you avoid “rookie” mistakes. A mentor can help you avoid painful and sometimes costly rookie mistakes. These are mistakes they that themselves have likely made.
  • It will accelerate your learning curve. A mentor will help you learn more, faster. This is crucial in real estate to get newer agents over the hump. Experienced agents know tips and tricks that otherwise may take years to learn.
  • A mentor provides experience beyond “book learning”. Working with a mentor is immersive in that you get so much more than what can be taught in a book. You can witness how successful agents carry themselves, what they say and how they interact with prospects and clients.
  • A mentor can help you through challenging situations. Young agents can often find themselves in situations where they may need help. It is reassuring knowing you have a mentor who has your back when these situations occur.

Many mentors end up being life-long allies of young agents, so choose wisely. Respect what they have accomplished and always pick up the tab for lunch. It can be a rewarding experience that can have an extremely positive impact on your real estate career.