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Growing Your Career in Real Estate

By: Laurent Minguez - President


Just about every real estate agent and broker has goals. Or at least they should have. Some are financial others are life-style based. Whether you want to grow your career in real estate from being a single agent into a multi-agent office, here are some tactics and strategies to help.

  • Set ever-challenging goals. If your goals aren't growing, it will be hard to grow your career and increase your expectations in gaining leads and prospects. Set larger financial goals.
  • Always be learning. Read and listen to audio books on all aspects of real estate. Attend real estate and sales related seminars. Become more knowledgeable at what it takes to successfully sell commercial real estate. Learn more about the difference between selling to first-time buyers and those seeking high-end homes.
  • Become a real estate marketing Ninja. One of the best ways to grow your career is by learning more about marketing in today's environment. Take time to learn how to funnel more prospects online right into your inbox. Discover and research innovative tactics other agents are using across the country. Don't rely on a salesman to teach you about marketing. Be proactive.
  • Excel at communications and accessibility. One of the biggest complaints property owners have about real estate agents is they don't keep them informed. Agents will defend themselves by saying "Well, there's nothing to update them on." Find something to update them on or at least give them a quick call to tell them nothing is new.
  • Try everything...or almost everything. Have you ever farmed a neighborhood? Have you used postcards or handed out calendars? Have you gotten involved in your community? Have you tried writing a real estate related blog or increased your social media activity? Ask yourself each morning; "What three things can I do today to grow my career?"
  • Keep track of your personal bests. The best way to measure growth is by keeping a journal of your personal bests. Track the activities important to helping you grow your career. What was your largest single sale? What is your record for closings in a single month? What is your personal record for acquiring new leads in a single week? Look for productive activities to track and keep reaching to improve on those personal best.

If you want to grow your real estate career, increase your expectations, ask yourself what qualities an agent who sells twice as much as you would have. How would they dress, carry themselves, and what type of work ethic would they have? The beauty of real estate is that so much control of your career is in your very own hands. It's time to take that control seriously and grow your career. We are here to help, at Realty Scout.