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The Value of Community Involvement in Real Estate

Are you and your agents involved in your community? If not, you are missing out on some terrific opportunities. Here's a quick look.

  • Community involvement is the right thing to do. It couldn't be easier than this. Getting involved in your community will make you and your agents feel better.
  • It's an effective form of team building. When your agents get involved in a community event, it helps them bond, work better together and learn more about each other. This builds a strength in your team that is hard to beat.
  • Improves your visibility. Getting involved improves how the community perceives you and it builds your brand. Buy office T-shirts or golf shirts to wear during the events you participate in. Let your community know you care.
  • It helps you take control of your charitable participation. When you make a proactive decision to get involved in community projects, you can target those of interest to you throughout the year. This gives you an "out" for the many, many, charitable organizations that knock on your door each year. It gives you the power to say, "We would love to help you but we support X, Y and Z and that's who we are focusing on this year."
  • It is a networking opportunity. While you may not be participating in community events to specifically help your business (see #1) there's nothing wrong with picking up a prospect or lead through your participation. Community events are often a gathering place for politicians, business owners and other "shakers and movers" in your town.

When you participate in community events, even a small table tent that says "Ask us about a career in real estate" can also help your recruiting efforts. Always be looking for ways to recruit and build your image. Involvement in community events can help. To learn more about how we can help you focus your recruiting efforts, contact us.