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Marketing to Millenials

By: Laurent Minguez- President



Much has been said and written about Millennials, the generation born between 1982 and 2004. Whatever you thoughts about this generation, for those involved in real estate, Millennials have become a huge segment of the market. It may have taken them a while to get there, but more and more in this generation are moving into homeownership. Reaching them, however, can be challenging. Marketing to Millennials is a bit different than to their parents. 

Millennials are Absolutely Comfortable in the Digital Realm

Millennials grew up in a digital world. The are comfortable conducting research and completing transactions online. They are also almost constantly connected with mobile devices. They build and maintain many of their friendships through social media. If you want to connect with more Millennials, understand they are online and on mobile devices. Connecting with them can involve creating valuable online content they can use in their real estate research. This has the added value of positioning you as the "go to" real estate expert. It means making sure content and contact information is mobile friendly. It requires maintaining a vibrant social presence yourself. Keep in mind, that while older generations asked family for help, Millennials are just as comfortable using online reviews or social media for advice. If you want to target Millennials, sharpen you digital marketing skills.

Tailor Marketing Messages to Millennials

Millennials have differing values than their parents or grandparents. It's not as important for them to have things as it is for them to have things that they perceive, will provide happiness. That means marketing messages for Millennials need to focus on aspects on how home ownership facilitates that happiness. While four bedrooms may not be important to them, having room for a home office, in-home theater or family room may be. Location has always been important in real estate, but to Millennials, nearby conveniences and recreational opportunities are more important than ever. When marketing to Millennials emphasize comfort, convenience and quality of life.

They Need to Feel Comfortable in their Decisions

More than previous generations, Millennials respond to messages that assure they are making good decisions. Rather than focusing on your experience, show how that experience helps them make successful decisions. "We are experts in real estate negotiations that assure you get the most out of your real estate investment" is one example. "Have confidence when purchasing your first home" is another.

Marketing to Millennials means reaching out to them where they spend the most time, online and on mobile devices. It takes sending messages tailored to them and helping them feel comfortable. Millennials are moving into home ownership in a big way and you want to place yourself squarely in their sights as a valuable resource.