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Why Quality Recruiting Is So Crucial to Your Brokerage

By: Philip Lilavois - CEO


The single most important aspect of your real estate brokerage may be recruiting. Here's why.

  1. If you don't recruit the best agents, your competitors will. It helps to always keep in mind you are not recruiting in a vacuum. Other brokers are looking to improve their team. When a quality candidate becomes available, you want to make sure they can find you. Let them know you want them.
  2. Poor recruiting is costly. Many brokers don't recognize how costly recruiting poor candidates can be. It costs you in advertising, interviewing and checking references and this is time-consuming not to mention, you will invest additional time in training/mentoring and "showing them the ropes". The reasons many agencies struggle is because they are too willing to bring in warm bodies. Step up the quality of your staff by steeping up your recruiting efforts.
  3. Bad agents can hurt your business. If your agency is perceived as a high-turnover, "here-today-gone-tomorrow" office, it will hurt your image. Even worse, if a poor recruit doesn't follow through or provide the quality service you encourage, it can damage your brand. If a bad, poor quality hire doesn't help you, that's one thing. If they end up hurting you, it will have severe costs to your reputation. 
  4. Quality recruits can inspire others on your team. Finding a motivated agent who wants to learn and is unstoppable can add energy and a new dynamic to your office. This adds value beyond his or her ability to gain listings or make sales. Even grizzled veterans can be inspired by someone new to the staff. It is, after all, a competitive business.

Stay visible and reach out to real estate professionals who are looking for something more, and we can help. Contact us today to upgrade your recruiting efforts and efficiency.