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Creating a Brand

By: Laurent Minguez - President


You may have never given it much thought, but everyday, each of us is creating our own brand. We do it by how we interact with people, what we say, what we post on social media and what we wear. We build our brand by how we treat people, our charitable and civic involvement, and who we socialize with. This "branding" can not only have a significant impact on a personal level, but on your professional career in real estate. It is worth thinking about. It is also worth taking proactive steps to create a professional brand you are comfortable with and that benefits your career.

Getting Comfortable With Your Brand

Creating your brand starts with how you wish to be perceived. Do you want to be viewed as friendly? Do you want people to see you as efficient? Do you want a win-at-all-cost persona? Are you a high-end property expert or do you want a more down-to-earth image of helping first-time buyers? Are you a neighborly type of person or a "get it done" type? Decide who you are and who you are comfortable being. Start with this as the base for your brand. Friends and relatives are a good source for an honest view of "who you are".

Communicating that Brand

Once you decide how you want your brand to be perceived, determine a tag line that helps establish and reflects that. Some examples include:

  • "John Doe: Real Estate Done Right"
  • "You'll Feel Right at Home with John Doe"
  • "Maximize Your Real Estate Investment with John Doe"
  • "John Doe - Because There's No Place Like Home."

As you can easily see, each of the tag lines above convey a different feel and emotion. Choosing the appropriate tag line for you will help build your brand.

Be Consistent in Your Branding

Big companies protect their brand and you should to. You'll rarely see names like Disney, Nike, or McDonalds perceived in a negative light and that is because they understand the value of their name and brand. You need to do the same. If you want to excel at real estate, avoid being viewed in a negative light and seek out ways to build your positive image and brand.

You are Your Own Company

A career in real estate is so terrific because you can pretty much be your own boss and create your own future. Perhaps best of all, you can earn what you are truly worth. You, in fact, are your own company. Sure, it can be a bit scary, but it is also invigorating and exciting. Be aware that every step of the way you are building your brand. Work to develop and enhance that brand and you are well on your way to success!