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Online vs. Classroom Real Estate Exam Prep

By: Philip Lilavois - CEO


If you are considering a career in real estate, you are probably aware there are hours of study ahead of you. To sell real estate, you must be licensed in the state you wish to sell in. To get your license you need to pass a real estate examination. That requires taking a real estate course.

The good news is, today's prospective agents have a choice of taking real estate classes in person or online. There are benefits and disadvantages to each.

In Person Real Estate Classes

Many people prefer taking real estate courses in person. Here are the advantages:

  • Live courses offer a better opportunity to interact with the instructor and get in-depth answers to questions.
  • There are social aspects of in classroom courses. You can immediately start meeting like-minded people and begin networking.
  • Because they are at a set time and place, some students are more likely to make progress through the course.

There are disadvantages to taking a real estate course in person. These include:

  • In person courses can take large chunks of time, usually from 4 to 8 hours for each class.
  • Travel time adds to the inconvenience of live classroom courses.
  • Some students may have to arrange babysitting or rearrange schedules to take classes in person.
  • Classroom courses are generally significantly more expensive than online alternatives.
  • Class times are not flexible.

Online Real Estate Courses

There are some significant benefits to registering for an online real estate course.

  • Online courses are less expensive than classroom courses.
  • They are much more flexible. You can dedicate free time to your studies as it is available.
  • You won't waste time on travel or incur expenses like fuel and babysitting.
  • You can cram in your studies to finish quickly, or take your time. You set the pace of your course of studies.

Online courses also have some disadvantages.

  • They don't offer the face-to-face teacher/student element of an in classroom course.
  • You are doing it alone without interacting with other students.
  • You must be more personally disciplined to complete an online course.

One of the terrific aspects of becoming a professional real estate agent is that it allows flexibility. That fleibility will require  discipline, so if that is a concern when choosing an online course, that could be a problem later.

What to Look For in an Online Course

Since online courses are all different, they offer varying features and aspects. Online courses that allow at least some instructor/student interaction can be helpful as can frequent quizzes and reviews. Read reviews and testimonials and choose the course that best fits the way you learn and your lifestyle!