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Developing Strong Client Relationships in Your First Year as an Agent

By: Philip Lilavois - CEO


If you want to build your real estate career on a solid foundation from day one, you should quickly focus on building strong client relationships. Building such relationships can result in repeat business, plenty of referrals and a solid reputation. To be successful long term, you don't just want to acquire listings and make sales, you need to build relationships. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see results. You'll also find yourself not just selling to prospects, but ultimately working with friends. This is a great place to strive to be.

How can you best nurture and develop strong relationships in your first year as an agent? Here are some suggestions.

Invest in learning about your clients

Building client relationships in real estate starts with a genuine interest to learn more about your leads, prospects and clients. This can best be accomplished through questions. What are their real estate goals? What experiences have they had in real estate? What is important to them and what are their expectations from a real estate agent? These are just a few of the many powerful, open-ended questions you should pose to the people you are working with to uncover how you can best serve them. You should immediately start a file on the information they are willing to share for future use. Remember, you are thinking long-term.

Become a Resource

Demonstrate your capabilities to assist them now and in the future by offering tips, data or other details to help them reach their real estate goals. Show them the best way to save on homeowners insurance, what a big difference a .5% interest rate can make over 30 years of financing and other bits of information you may take for granted. Become their real estate expert and if you fulfill their needs, they not only will be back, they will send others to you.

Become Exceptional at Communication

One of the most frequent complaints clients have of real estate agents is they don't keep them informed. YOU may know that nothing happened this week but a quick call or email informing the client that nothing occurred at least lets them know you are on top of things. Communicate more than often with your active listings.

Always be Honest

If you want to build long relationships in real estate, you need to be honest and ethical. Be yourself and don't betray their trust in you. This will be rewarded.

It's never too early to build your reputation and establish relationships. Learn as much as you can about your clients, become a resource and develop you communication skills. Perhaps most importantly is be honest and true to yourself. You've chosen an excellent career path and building strong client relationships will serve you very well. We are glad to be here to assist you.