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Finding Success Early in Your Career

One of the keys to building a long and lucrative career in real estate is to find success early on. Finding success quickly builds confidence, increases motivation and builds your resume. The good news is there are concrete steps you can take to help you find that success.

  • Don't just measure success in sales. Find other things to find success in than just sales. Finding a new lead, getting new social media followers, and getting a listing are all successful steps. Measure steps, not just final results.
  • Rely on family and friends. You've probably been told to start your career with your family and people you know. There are good reasons for that. They will be more likely to talk with you, forgive any mistakes, and they likely have an interest in seeing you become successful. You should also ask them to help you spread the word. Give them some business cards and don't be shy. Successful agents build terrific networks and starting to build yours quickly will help you find successes sooner.
  • Find a mentor quickly. Don't underestimate the value of a mentor you share values with. A good mentor will not just help you learn but help you find that success you need to keep moving ahead.
  • Commit to success. Finding success at any point in your career takes a certain level of commitment. Early on you must be unstoppable. You don't want to be outworked or out-hustled. Build a reputation that your co-workers, competitors and prospects will respect. Farm a neighborhood, start a useful, informative blog or contact some FSBO's. Work with a sense of urgency. There's so much you can do to build a reputation as an agent who just won't quit.
  • Team up. Teaming up a day or two a week to work with different agents can broaden your horizons, give you different perspectives, and help build camaraderie. It can also keep you moving forward through the inevitable tough times. 

There is a lot to be said for momentum in any form of sales, especially in real estate. It rejuvenates and validates. The rewards our business offers are well worth the effort it takes.  Find levels of success you can measure, depend on family and friends for help, find a mentor, make a sincere commitment to success and actively team up with other agents. These are steps you can take to find success early in your real estate career.