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Frequently Asked Questions

 How many job boards does "Realty Scout" distribute my jobs to?

Realty Scout distributes jobs to 100+ of the most visited job boards and websites on the Internet. We are always adding more job boards and sources of job seeker traffic to expand the audience for your job posting(s).

Where are my jobs being sent to?
You will generally see your job post show up on Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Jobs2Careers, and many other job boards/websites that market to the most relevant traffic. We have a team that does all of the analytics and research to make sure your post will receive the highest quality applicants.
How long does it take for my job to show up on job boards?
A new job posting will usually take 24 hours to appear on outside job boards. Also, when you edit your job description, your changes will take about 24 hours to be reflected on outside job boards. Likewise, if you close the job it will take 24 hours to be removed from them.
How long will my job ads stay at the top of job boards?
The way search results are displayed for job seekers varies among our job board partners. In general, ads are displayed based on relevancy, not posting date.
I went to look one of the job boards you claim to post on and I don’t see my ad. You advertise that you post to 100+ Job boards so why is my ad not on their site?
Realty Scout sends your job promptly to all of our job board partners. Sometimes, you don’t see your ad because the board in question has not yet updated their pages. Different job boards update with different frequencies and can show different results depending on the search terms used. In some cases, their search engine may not display your job ad on the search terms you would expect. Once we deliver the job, the frequency with which it is shown is controlled by the partner entirely, not by Realty Scout. Our job is to continuously optimize your job and ensure you receive quality applicants. 
How many jobs can I post?
You can post one job per monthly subscription. If you would like to post more than 1 job simply add another premium subscription. If you would like to post more than 3 jobs, contact our sales team for special bulk discount pricing at (866) 323-6166 Ext. 1
When will I start to see activity on my job?
A new job posting will usually take 24 hours to appear on outside job boards, so you should start to see some activity after the 24 hour mark. If it’s been over 24 hours and you have yet to see activity on your job, feel free to give our Customer Success Team a call at (866) 323-6166 Ext. 1. We’d love to help you optimize your job for the best possible exposure.
Can I post nationwide?
All postings on Realty Scout require to be specific to a city or zip code. Although a specific city/zip code is required your ad is searchable nationwide.
How long are my ads posted?
Your ads are open indefinitely, and will not be taken down until you close them or cancel your subscription.
What are some ways to optimize my job listing?
We have a job performance team, dedicated to assisting our customers with their ads. It is a free service that we offer and has shown successful results in attracting more candidates. If you are interested in our assistance, please feel free to call us at (866) 323-6166 Ext. 2 or email us at
How do I create the best job posting?
Look at your job through “Job Seeker Glasses.” If you were on the job hunt, what keywords would you search in order to pull up this position? What would you be looking for in the title and job description that would draw you in to apply? What pertinent information would you want included? This is the best way to create a relatable job ad that job seekers will be attracted to!
Can I be invoiced instead of paying by credit card?
For monthly plans, we only accept payment by credit card. For invoice-based billing on our discounted longer term plans, please call our sales department directly at (866) 323-6166 Ext. 1