Company Description

Blake Brokerage, Inc., is a Real Estate Company that focuses on helping everyday people and companies buy, sell or rent their homes and/or offices, in Long Island, New York.

Blake Brokerage, Inc., opened its doors after it became apparent that most of the real estate agents in the field were showing homes to prospective buyers without any knowledge about the home they were showing. They were also listing homes for sale at their lowest value. . .just to get a quick sale. I vowed then that our Realtors would never come to an appointment unprepared, nor would they sit at your dining room table and tell you that they can sell your home fast by listing it under market value. Home buying and selling is already a difficult process, and these so-called professionals were making what should be an exciting time, such an emotionally deflating experience. Our mission is to ensure that the home buying process is a fulfilling and exciting one, as it should have always been. We employ only the most knowledgeable and motivated Realtors. Our Realtors share in our passion for professionalism and community assistance. Our Realtors will help and inform you at each home you visit together, by knowing the answers to your questions. Our Realtors will sell your home by listing it at its HIGHEST price. We may not be able to change the entire industry, but we will certainly make sure that the Realtors at Blake Brokerage, Inc., will treat you with professionalism and the respect that you deserve. Our Realtors will meet you at each home you visit, prepared with the requisite knowledge and information you deserve to receive, every single time. Let us help you find your dream home with Realtors that will put your needs before anything else.

Interested in Becoming a Realtor with Blake Brokerage, Inc.?

We are always looking for Real Estate Professionals that are MOTIVATED and DETERMINED! If you are a licensed New York Real Estate Professional and want to work for a Real Estate Company that DOES NOT require you to go into an office and waste time sitting at your desk, but, instead, utilizes technology to connect the broker with the agents, then you found the perfect company to work with!

Some more amazing reasons to work with us:

  • There are no desk-associated fees, since there is no requirement to come into the office
  • You do not need extensive experience, only the want and drive to succeed in the real estate world (and, of course, a computer and smart-phone since we are web-based!).
  • We need the right Realtors that know how to chase expired listings, get new listings, and can get his or her name out there so people come to you for all of their real estate needs.
  • You will have access to thousands of listings updated daily through MLSLI, with access to Listingbook Messenger and Homesnap.
  • You can service all areas of Long Island. We do have a physical office in lower Westechester, but no Realtors need to come into the office, and so, there is NO DESK FEE!
  • You will receive your own email account, business cards, database login, and professional profile on our website! We provide all lawn signs and all marketing materials. We give you all the tools you need to run your own business.
  • The experience while working for Blake Brokerage, Inc., is the same as working for another major real estate company, except you do not have to go into the office... ever! Our communication is done almost exclusively through technology and occasional face-to-face meetings when necessary or for all of us to get together for work/social gatherings like get-togethers and holiday parties.
  • If you would like to be contacted by one of our HR reps about joining Blake Brokerage, Inc., please apply through this website. We look forward to having you join our team of exceptional Realtors.

Technologically Advanced Company

We strongly believe that the technologically-driven world we live in, gives us the freedom that fosters our creativity and enables us to thrive financially and emotionally! If you are a real estate professional that despises office politics, but loves real estate...if you are willing to get yourself out there and meet people and market yourself and this company in order to help people buy, sell or rent their homes or offices, then you will be a perfect fit for this company. All you need is a NY real estate agent's license, a computer, a smart phone, and the energy and want to thrive in the real estate industry by getting out there and meeting people!

Skype/FaceTime Meetings

Weekly our agents check in via Apple's Face-Time or Skype with the Broker to discuss the "game-plan" for the week and all pending sales, rentals, or purchase contracts. We will have all paperwork necessary for all of your deals at your fingertips through a web-based system and all signs and accessories will be provided as well! We will operate the same as the other well-known real estate company chains, but without the need for office-time and with competitive commissions!


The head of Blake Brokerage, Inc., is one of the most up and coming Real Estate Brokers in New York! We pride ourselves in our technologically advanced and web/cloud based company to allow real estate professionals, who can utilize their time properly, to help people and business owners find the home or office of their dreams!




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