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Jessica Eve Morgan is an entrepreneurial and forward-thinking individual who has built a strong real estate team providing real estate consulting for real estate property in all price points. Skilled in all aspects of real estate transactions whether working with experienced Manhattan real estate buyers, sellers or international real estate investors purchasing in NYC for the first time, Jessica makes the real estate process seamless and efficient with her proven systems and ingenuity.

Jessica has traveled around the world and encountered all types of cultures and personalities. Thanks to her illustrious modeling career, she not only perfected her international perspective and interpersonal skills but also learned the arts of discipline, diplomacy, and diligence which she effectively applies in her real estate business. Clients appreciate Jessica’s confident, professional demeanor, just as they do her caring, hands-on approach for all real estate needs. Jessica has developed a repertoire of invaluable business skills and competencies as well as a vast network of international clients and relationships. Her well-spoken manner, sophisticated style, and service-oriented personality are what make her, as a licensed real estate professional, a pleasure to work with.

Jessica is a proud member of several professional women’s organizations such as The Woman’s Foundation, The National Associations of Professional Women recognized her as “Executive Professional Women of the Year” 2013 and “Salute 85 Outstanding Women” from Jessica has been quoted in several publications including Avenue Magazine, Resident Magazine, and The New York Post.


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